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ansible training

Automated all the things

At Rackspace we use Ansible extensively in some areas, however within support the adoption is very limited, as such I have been presenting an introduction course on Ansible, I have put links to the slides, example playbooks and the debug handout that was created for the training below.

12 Nov 2015 #ansible #opensource

setup script

Due to the fact that I have kept reinstalling my OS when switching distro and moving between machines I began setting up a ‘setup script’, this is still very much in the early stage and mainly aimed at Mac

9 Nov 2015 #bash #opensource

Recently I was speaking to the Mattermost community regarding packaging of ‘Platform’ (the Mattermost server), current there are steps on performing the installation on both Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 8, I raised the question around packaging the application for both DEB and RPM based systems.

9 Nov 2015 #opensource #packaging #ruby